Optimizes maximum use if available spaces improves traffic flow.

WiseMoving offers you a simple, cost-efficient and highly-effective off-street parking management system.


Our sensors, powered by Smart Parking detect the presence of a vehicle within each parking bay. Each sensor is linked to an overhead indicator powered using safe, low voltage (18 - 36v) parallel wire cabling from shared power supply units.


High visibility LED green or red lights indicate live parking availability to motorists whilst blue lights  indicate available mobility bays and magenta lights highlight vehicles parked in contravention. All status and indicator display is controlled by the SmartCloud parking management services platform.


Because the systems are based around a modular approach, we are also able to offer car counting solutions, fixed & mobile automatic number plate recognition solutions and valet management solutions for casinos, hotels, airports, etc.



• Improves traffic flow.


• Minimises congestion and vehicle emissions providing a cleaner parking environment.



• Optimises use of available space.


• Ensures no space is missed at busy times with individual space LED light indicators.


• Delivers more cost-effective enforcement and improved compliance.


• RFID tag identification technology means employee exemption lists, customer loyalty programmes and receipt-based refund schemes are all deliverable.


• Can be integrated with Pay & Walk or Pay on Foot facilities.


• Leads to happier customers as parking is now stress‑free and time efficient.



By combining In-Ground and Overhead Indicator Sensors with SmartRep technology, real time space availability is -displayed directly through variable message signs.


Our sensors, powered by SmartParking, use proprietary digital coded infra-red beams to detect the arrival, departure, and presence of the vehicle in each individual parking bay. The real time sensed status is trnsmitted between the sensor and the SmartCloud parking management services platform using two way digital RF communications.



• The quantity, type and location of available spaces is displayed on large variable message signs with direction indicators to get the driver there.


• Signs can be placed within the car park at each driver decision point, at main entrances as well as on-street locations.