Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)/License Plate Recognition (LPR) parking system, powered by SmartParking is a reliable, accurate and cost effective o -street car park management solution, already proven to serve a wide range of industry groups including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centres.


Currently managing hundreds of car parks throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand, our LPR linked to a Pay & Walk solution improves customer satisfaction, ensures greater compliance, and increases parking revenue.


• CCTV style cameras are placed at the entrance and exit to a car park. Timed photographs are taken of the vehicle entering and leaving the premises.


• The vehicle stay duration is calculated from the times registered on the two sets of photographs and communicated to SmartRep.


• Pay & Walk machines accept payment and report back to SmartRep validating the parking session.


• We are also able to offer car counting and mobile automatic license plate recognition solutions.


• Ticketless, barrier-free system.


• Simple and low-cost to install and operate with little maintenance required.


• Customers simply pay & walk, using their license plate number as ID.

• Permit only, staff only, free limited time parking, zero tolerance and after business hours are just a few of the set parameters we can cater for.

SmartRep provides full occupancy, average stay and enforcement efficiency reporting for management and future planning.