Easy-to-use App that enables drivers to easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time

SmartApp® puts the driver in control of their day It eliminates the stress of driving around, looking for a space by giving the driver real time parking space availability and directing them to it with GPS navigation.


• Traffic congestion decreases.


• Pollution is reduced.


• Local businesses get improved footfall as parking capacity is maximized.


• Streets are safer as drivers are not distracted by hunting for spaces.

• Drivers are less stressed and have more time to do things other than parking.


• Best possible use of available space.


• Customers are happier as they find spaces quickly and easily.


• Less time spent parking means more time to use your services.


• Traffic flow improves, saving time and increasing safety.


• Integrates with SmartRep for pay-by-phone, compliance and enforcement information.


• Underused bays are more visible, leading to maximum use of your parking facility.