Parking is the first thing and the last impression a consumer experiences when visiting cities and businesses. Showing them where to find adequate parking is essential in creating a seamless visit.

SmartMap provides motorists with a real time map visualization of your parking site. It uses real time intelligent data gathered through vehicle detection sensors which is then processed by SmartCloud for feeding into your website and own mobile/desktop application.


The user-friendly, embeddable map allows users to search and display real time parking availability at your site alongside full details of parking options including prices, times and restrictions allowing the driver to choose what is best for their needs.

Enhance your website with SmartApp® to:

Let your visitors know where to park with live ‘red, amber, green’ usage statuses. ‘Touch to See’ actual rates, hours, and other policy information for all parking spaces.


With a user-friendly interface (it really is just two lines of HTML code!) customers are easily able to embed SmartMap into their website in less than five minutes.