See exactly how your parking real estate is being used, anytime, anywhere

A principle module of the SmartCloud parking services platform is SmartRep which is widely endorsed as being the world’s most powerful, easy to use intelligent parking operations and monitoring system, placing you at the forefront of parking management.

Delivering powerful web standard compliant services, SmartRep® is designed to meet the business needs of commercial parking operators, retailers and regulatory authorities. It offers a real time and historical dashboard reporting of every detail of your parking operation, from bay occupancy levels, to average stay information and parking enforcement.

As well as transforming parking services for customers, SmartRep® increases enforcement efficiency and unlocks an expansive array of information to enable you to plan for the future.


The Package

SmartRep is a modern software as a service solution delivered through the SmartCloud platform – a quick and easy process that doesn’t require major infrastructure. Access is delivered using the latest web browsers on a desktop, tablet or even smartphone device.


Apart from Internet network connectivity, the SmartRep services are delivered totally independently of existing IT infrastructure and therefore allows immediate access to the power of the Smart Parking services without any increased burden and demands upon your IT operations.

We offer advanced training in how to use SmartRep® to its fullest capabilities to:

• Analyse operational information.


• Generate reports.


• Increase site efficiency.


• Increase the insight of parking usage.