Our Team

Our high qualified team has a background in the parking, transportation and mobility industry that extends over 27 years, including public and private areas.

We offer a full technical support to our customers through a certified team of electrical and software engineers with a strong focus on design and development of security, access and PARCS. Our technical support brings a long track record of successful projects, with more than 25 years of design and development, project management, and implementation experience.

In addition, the team owns a foreign engineering development center with more than 20 engineers specialized in the parking industry (embedded, .net, and mobile systems).


The sensor technology will draw on WiseMoving’s individual and collective experience operating parking systems across more than 60,000 wireless sensors installed worldwide, and supporting sophisticated sensing based parking solution systems in a wide range of environments including: municipalities, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, commercial developments, universities and large scale municipal on-street environments.